The world has become more and more complicated. People want quick profits without doing anything. There is also a  lack of understanding of how the world works, complemented with an upside down sheer of negligence. Our Joint Venture is guided of a mutual understanding that no relationship is stronger than a symbiotic relationship.

Standard Gateway spearheaded the development of its e-ticketing platform Kezastore at the onset of Covid-19 pandemic. At that time, there was a serious problem with lines and congestion in the public transport facilities around Africa due primarily financial reasons that led to many operators to shut down or slim down their operations.

While the endeavor proved to be difficult to implement, the team was able to understand the market and ecosystem, but above all key players realized that online ticketing will have to be a key utility to modernize and realize the future of ticketing. Kezastore’s strategy was to become an alternative ticketing platform that targets high end clientele while everyone else operates as regularly. 

One of the major positives of the effort was to talk to key stakeholders and note a keen interest in one of the major players in which this joint venture emanated from. The player is heavily involved in public transport and has interest in making sure that modernization coupled with creating and preservation of jobs in maintained by anything that gets introduced on the market.

Currently the joint venture is organized as follow

SG | Founding Partner: X% (>=25% with Veto and Board Member)

AT | Founding Partner: X% (>=25 with Veto and Board Member)

Reserved Percentage: X% (<=25% External Investors and Board member)

Travel Agencies Owners: Y% (<=15% and Board Member)

Other Key Players: Z% ( <=10% and Board member)

If you are interested in investing in this venture fee free to reach out to us at